Bar etiquette by Missy Scarbrough of the Red Door.

  1. If you are hitting on your bartender & decide to leave them your phone number, DO NOT TIP LIKE SHIT! Why would you leave them a really shitty tip along with your phone number? It only makes you look like an ass and your phone number goes in the trash can.
  2. DO NOT SNAP at your bartender to try and get their attention! We can see you! We know you are at the bar… and if you snap at a bartender you WILL be ignored.
  3. When we are shaking cocktails – DO NOT EVER make a comment about the Shake Weight…. that’s just annoying and immature.
  4. LADIES. Don’t go out expecting to have your drinks bought for you because you drop your cleavage on the bar. We don’t care! If you can’t afford to buy your own drinks, stay at home!
  5. DO NOT tell the bartender how to do his / her job! This is our job, we know what we are doing. If you think you can do better then maybe you should not go out and just make your own drinks at home.
  6. If the bar is really busy and you have to wait in line to get a drink, you better know what the fuck you want to drink when it is your turn to order. The bartender is clearly really busy and doesn’t have time to answer a million questions to figure out what you may want to drink because you can’t make a decision! At this point you WILL be passed up for someone who actually knows what they want to drink.